Liquid Paint

Liquid paint for metal parts

Chabot Carrosserie: Liquid paint expertise for various substrates and parts

Welcome to Chabot Carrosserie, your trusted partner for liquid paint application on a variety of substrates and parts of all sizes. Our specialist liquid paint service offers a tailor-made solution to your aesthetic finishing and long-lasting protection needs.

Liquid paint on various substrates

Whether you need to paint metal parts, plastics, aluminum or other substrates, our skilled team is equipped to achieve precise, uniform application of liquid paint. We use hand-painting techniques to guarantee impeccable results, tailored to your exact specifications.

Liquid painting of large parts

Our service also includes the application of liquid paint to bulky parts such as containers, train roofs, train frames, etc. We have the expertise and resources to manage large-scale projects, with a focus on quality and precision. Our equipment enables us to paint parts up to 15 feet wide by 50 feet long.

Adaptability and quality

We use only tried-and-tested quality products. In fact, we mainly use Axalta products. PPG, Akzonobel, Sherwin Williams, Mader and Beckers are also among the products we offer.

We understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer a number of options, from simple primer coats to base coats or base coats with clear coats.

What’s more, our ability to develop the necessary tooling in-house means we can provide tailor-made solutions for your liquid paint needs. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every aspect of our service, with absolute adherence to customer quality specifications at every stage of the process.

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